Energy, Spiritualism and Astrology

Energy, which lies within all of us is termed as ‘Soul’, ‘God within human being’ or simply ‘life’ and when it leaves us, we are nothing more than just a ‘Body’.  If you have studied science then there is are lot of theories around energy and mass. If our body has the energy, it needs right resources to provide energy – the food we eat, the exercise and meditation we do and our lifestyle. We are also influenced by various sources of energies around us. They effect our body, our health, our thought process and behaviors. There are ways to strengthen these energies in ourselves and hone them. Our religious leaders used to call them “Chakras” or “Third Eye”, medical science has glands and hormones associated with them. Some studies also link these to the seven colors and some also call it the Reiki centers. Basically we have these strong energy centers in our bodies which are linked to different moods and swings and diseases in our body.

What we are is predominantly because of our thoughts, habits and our approach towards life. The food we eat, the thoughts prevailing in our mind, the living standard, how we treat the people around us – everything leaves(or pulls) positive or negative energy. The smiles and frowns on our faces has vibration in our mind and body impacting us.


It is not just the style of living  – modern or old, rich or poor. It is the purity of thoughts and determination to treat our body as ‘God’ which makes a healthy lifestyle. The ancient religions preach ‘God is within you’ so that we do not harm ourselves by various sources. Knowingly or unknowingly we are getting pulled into these negative vibrations. Knowingly for those who get into drugs and chemicals which give temporary relief and unknowingly for all of us living in this modern environment affected with magnetic rays around us, at the mercy of drugs we need to consume on doctor’s recommendation, the allergies we are born with and the so-called clean food items we eat affected with pesticides and germ killers.

A strong determination to fight against the odds, trying our best to consume as healthy as possible and spending some time with nature and meditation help to rescue us from this “boxed life

We will explore all about various aspects of these energies and how can we try to make our lives healthier, happier and share happiness. This is the need on our planet today.


A science of connecting stars with the events of our lives has been there for ages. Look for people around you, how many of them are wearing gemstones, how many of them believe in God. People have questions about their families, health, career and are always eager to consult. Astrology has different fields and they are used depending upon the need of the person. Look for details in the astrology section of this site.

I would also encourage you to share your comments and suggestions and I would blog about my opinions in this site.

Spiritualism, mysticism, astrology are all a matter of faith and belief and not a pure science. Interestingly a lot of this has explanations in science.

Let us care for delicate lives around us

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