Ask a question(Horary)

The Horary Astrology  – Ask a Question, get the answer !

When the time is tough or we are awaiting for an important decision,we have many questions in our mind. The question needs to be specific and not ambiguous.

Questions like:

  • Will I get married to that person ?
  • When will I get a baby ?
  • Is this business better or that business better for me ?
  • Should I really go for job or business ?
  • I am confused on the line I should use for education – what is good for me ?
  • Where can I find my lost stuff ?

Questions on health, separation, education, kids, travel, arrival of an important information you have been waiting for long and many other questions which disturb your mind  – horary astrology helps to get answers.

How is it done ?

  • The querent asks the question personally or remotely through phone or mail or Skype or any communication mode.
  • While the question is strongly in the mind of the querent, he is suppose to randomly choose any number between 1 to 249 (has to be random while the question is in mind and not any favourite number). The most important part is the urge to get the answer of the question truly in mind while randomly giving the number at that time.
  • The astrologer uses that number and his location while judgement and prepares the astrological chart and forecasts.
  • I also prefer taking the date of birth and place and time to the nearest accuracy is possible which gives a double check from horoscope and the horary chart resurrected as mentioned above. However this is totally optional as horary astrology itself gives very strong results.

Feel free to get in touch with me (mail or Contact Us page) if you are interested and mention clearly in the subject that you need consultation to avoid your message going into spam.

Faith is important if you need any astrological guidance.

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