Association of Numerology with us

Since ages, Numerologist from different parts of the world have explored the connection of numbers with the events in our lives and this faith has strengthened over a period of time. Some use it in addition to other forms of astrology like horoscope, tarots to give  an additional confirmation while others purely use numbers as a guiding factor

Numbers have close association with our lives. Try to remember various occassions in your life and you will find the connection. I would not suggest to start believing blindly in any thing. Observe yourself, check the pattern and you will find the mystery behind the lovely patterns in nature.

Basics of how do numbers work in our life ?

You can simply check the date (the day) of various events and their connections. If it is a double digit, add it to bring it to a single digit for example 18 will be 1+8 = 9. Another aspect of checking the relevance of numbers is to add the complete date and bring it to a single digit for example Jan 1, 2016 can be written as 01-01-2016 and now add all the digits, 1+1+2+1+6 = 11 (I have skipped zeros for simplicity). Now add these digits again in 11, 1+1 = 2. This means a strong influence of 2.

  • You can have the Lucky numbers and then plan to have some important decisions based on those numbers for example for me it is number 9. Also, there are different planets and lucky charms or gems associated with these numbers.
  • Some numbers go very well with others while others will always lead to friction. You can get that information and use it in your day to day life.
  • Numbers have close resemblance to how you spell your name. There is a strong believe on how you spell your name can also impact your destiny. Numerology can help to determine the suggested names which can work well for you.

For any kind of services on Numerology, feel free to contact me with your query  – I would answer on first come first serve basis.

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