Practical Capricorns

People born in Capricorn sun sign are born between December 22 to January 19

Some well known Capricorns you may have heard of are AR Rahman, Dhirubhai Ambani, Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Atal Bihari Vajypayee, Michael Schumacher, Irfan Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Woods, Rahul Dravid, Martin Luther King Jr., Javed Akhtar, Jim Carrey, Salman Khan, Mirza Ghalib, Sir Isaac Newton, Ricky Martin, Isaac Asimov, Mel Gibson.

Capricorns are known to have great patience and are very focused on their goals. Sometimes out of this concentration on their own objectives they may become selfish and shy, however in a way that is good for their family. They may have strange mood swings,  but are full of wisdom. They are by nature cautious, careful, defensive and will consult multiple friends and also research themselves for any big decision.

The positive side of Capricorns is that they are very hard workers and you will rarely see them tired even after continuous hard work. They may sound stubborn but are smart and very ambitious.

Very practical and will access the situation carefully before coming to conclusion. They will go by facts and figures and you cannot easily drag them into emotions. They may take time to make friend but during this period they have already scanned your personality and observed you very well.

A word of caution – do not test their patience otherwise they will give you a mouthful with bitter words.

Knowing some basic traits just help you to deal with a person, these all traits may not be deeply inherent in every person who is Capricorn. However you will notice resemblances to many of them. Knowing people and appreciating their personalities is a great way to live in harmony.

Gagandeep Singh

How to be Spiritual in modern world ?

The fast-pace life

With the change in lifestyle and our lives running with cutting edge pace, the daily chores have changed and become very succinct. This is due to fast paced and short span of time for every activity. Right from the morning, I have seen people carrying breakfast and eating in the transit or during the daily commute. Many of them carry the breakfast from fast-food joints like Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Starbucks or McDonald. Everything fast pacehas become fast paced and comes with quick options. The only thing which has increased over time is commuting time and stress. As a result, number of people seeking solutions to their problems at home or profession, have increased. When I migrated from India I never thought I would be able to practice astrology in North America. Interestingly I have more clients here in North America than I had in India. The

best thing is that the type of problems have not changed much, though the change is more in custom and culture. People come and ask about their business, work, promotion, kids, education, marriage and relationships and the same was there 15 years ago. The difference is that the patience levels have decreased. Earlier you could ask a person to go to a temple or pray for 21 weeks but today people look for fast pace solutions like something which can finish in 21 hours! Not even that, people have asked me to pray on their behalf as they don’t have time. Many of them look for a mobile app or YouTube video which has recitals of hymns (or mantras). They can then listen to them during commute and save time. Everyone is in a rush to save time, yet everyone is busy in ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Instagram’ and social media world. What I like about these fast pace busy friends is that they come with a problem and have some options for solutions which they already searched from ‘Google’. Some of them say I have this problem and I read that I should keep bamboo plant or rubber plant or money plant at home and maybe an idol at entrance like Buddha or Ganesha or any other deity. Some of them even knew that feeding monkeys, fish or crows bring wealth in the family.

We tend to customize solutions and arguments as per our convenience. Literature and culture comes to us today through TV serials, Epic movies or YouTube and Netflix documentaries.

Making Future

Before you start thinking that I come from an old school of thought, let me tell you that I believe there is nothing wrong in getting the knowledge from different modern channels. I have personally seen many YouTube videos and documentaries especially from BBC and I love they explain about the knowledge from our ancestors. We cannot expect that the same paper and pen or scriptures on the wall can be used for today’s generation. Evolution does not happen just within the living bodies but also culture and thoughts. We need to adapt and use all the sources of knowledge. Infact what our forefathers used to take years to readmentorkids and understand can be understood within hours from the internet using excellent sources of information available around the world. The problem only comes when we find out shortcuts and cut down on effort and perseverance. This results in dangerously cut on patience levels and moving away from nature. Nature has not changed its pace (we may be trying to change it due to global warming), the patterns of nature are very similar and often predictable from ages.

Take some time be with your kids and talk to them about the rich culture you have come from. Find ideas to teach them patience – they will not need any astrologer or plants or statues to strengthen their relationships and earn money. Use the time saved to share with them the values so that they need less of lawyers, doctors and astrologers. Draw them to spirituality and watch such videos and documentaries with them and bring a sense of appreciation. Make them acquainted with biographies of great personalities(or movies on them). 

Invest in time with them than just the Real Estate and Fixed Deposits or RRSPs or Educational funds.

 – Gagandeep Singh

Virgo – the perfectionists

Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Narender Modi, Salma Hayek, Mother Teresa, Cameron Diaz, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Warren Buffett, Stephen King, Jack Ma, Kareena Kapoor, Agatha Christie, Akshay Kumar, Rishi Kapoor are among the famous Virgo born.

Virgo personalities are born between August 23 and September 23

Perfectionists, superb analytical abilities, a very detailed oriented persons who can knowingly or unknowingly misdirect their capabilities. As generally perfectionists are due to their psychological traits, they tread their path very carefully and rarely take risks. For example, they are careful about financial security. They will perfectly weigh their odds before taking a chance in investment.

Criticism can be costly

Virgos are great critics and carefully pick the flaws to perfect them into success. This trait of theirs influence the friends around them. They are charming and realistic as they have high influence of  planet Mercury.
They need to understand their trait of precision and accuracy in everything that they do. Once carefully understood they can choose their career and business and work accordingly.
They will have consistent routine and love to follow it unless they have decided with careful planning about the change. Virgoans hate chaos and in their minds they try to be disciplined. Modi
However, being perfectionists, unknowingly, they create enemies especially who want to go off the way to achieve success. This also creates trouble for them when they  openly criticize imperfections of others. Like other matters, they are also slow and careful in matters of love but once decided, they remain loyal and faithful to it forever. Be careful it is not easy to win the heart of a Virgo. You may feel you impressed them but make sure your perception is true!

Virgoans are impressed by the leaders and seniors who are great communicators. As such for them having good communication skills is a key for being successful. 

Green, Yellow and Orange are their lucky colors and 5 is their lucky number. This means they should preferably take any major decisions on 5, 14 or 23 dates of the month 

The Secrets of Lal Kitab

“Lal Kitab” is well known in Indian Astrology. Also known as “Red Book”, it was originally written in Urdu language as set of 5 books in the 19th century. It is believed that one of the original versions is preserved in museum in Lahore, Pakistan. These books were compiled into simplified version by Pandit Roop Chand in  1940s. It is this version which is very popular with astrologers. In fact many fake redbooks(‘Lal Kitab’) have come to market and new or novice astrologers are taken for a ride. A lot of care is required in interpreting the redbooks as any misinterpretation is a bad as prescribing wrong medicine by a doctor !!lal kitab

The uniqueness of ‘Lal Kitab’ is that it takes into consideration the birth chart and planetary positions and links with palmistry and also connections with previous birth and suggests outstanding tips and tricks to overcome some bad omens. It is all a matter of faith. Some astrologers believe that there is nothing like changing the occurrence of an incident and what is to happen will happen. Another school of thought says that by donating or sacrificing one can avoid severe impacts. Remedies suggested in the ‘Lal Kitab’ are considered to be very effective and often not easy to perform especially if you live in cities. A good astrologer will always first verify the horoscope by asking some questions of your early years or family and once he has verified then he suggests and appropriate remedy for the problem.

Some common precautions:

– One remedy should be performed per day

– Prefer performing the remedial act during day time while the sun has not set except for few specific ones required during evening or nightpalmistry

– Pray to your deity just before the remedy for your well being as per the cause of remedy

– Never look back after performing the remedial measure. e.g. flowing of rice or anything in the river or keeping some food in temples. Gracefully leave the place after prayer and with confidence

– It takes time for these remedies to take effect sometimes weeks to 40 days or even more. It depends upon the type of issue being addressed

– Do not be fooled by greedy astrologers who demand money for every remedy and make you regular customer rather than telling you the truth.

– Sometimes the remedy is as simple as visiting a temple or respecting and taking care of mother. Astrologers only give you complex remedies as that leaves a better impression on public as if it is very rare remedy. So use your common sense along with faith.

Remember, positive thinking, confidence and faith are important  – if you do not have faith, just don’t ask anything from any astrologer for the sake of fun. It can prove detrimental !!

Wishing Good luck to all of you.

Passionate Aries

Charlie Chaplin, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Ajay Devgn, Jackie Chan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Rani Mukerji, Jeetendra, Mukesh Ambani, Vincent Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Larry Page,  Eddie Murphy, Eric Clapton, Robert Frost, Maria Sharapova, Steven Seagal, William Wordsworth, are some of the famous Aries personalities.

As per Sun signs Aries are born between March 20th and April 19th.

In few words I would say they are  – Born Leaders, Lively, Creative, enthusiastic, Courageous, Egoistic  and passionate about what they are serious about. Do not dare to take them by face value, their passion and jovial nature will confuse you about their hidden energies and passion to succeed. You can hardly bring an Aries to work as per your style, if you force you can’t beat the rebellious personality within them.

Very hard to predict as they have a typical smile and you will end up under-estimating their capabilities. However, they are very loyal and mean what they say (though you may not believe often). They are lively and will create a fun and jovial environment – always eager to do something new and off-beat.

The fire and passion for continuous change sometimes make them impatient and as a result they cannot hide their anger. When you first see them you may think they are shy, timid and insecure but they have a strong will power with sense of independence within them.

They will leave no stone unturned, spend sleepless nights to achieve nothing but success. They will be always ahead to take bold and surprising steps which others may not have thought of. On their passion to succeed, they hate any negative ideas, thoughts and create an environment of inspiration with their positive aura and personality.

Appreciate them, admire them and they are yours..


Pisceans – the emotional dreamers

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, George Washington, Bruce Willis, Amir Khan, Oscar Issac, Shahid Kapoor, Cindy Crawford, Michelangelo, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Gorbachev, Saina Nehwal, Alexander Graham Bell, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Jon Bon Jovi, King Henry II, Robert Mugabe, Daniel Craig are some of the famous Pisceans.

As per the Sun signs Pisceans are born between February 18 to March 20. Pisceans are creative, Intuitive and Dreamers. They know how how to understand the body language of the people and take smart steps in business, family, research, art, literature and drama. Pisceans will keep you thinking about their behavior and you will be baffled.   Besides, they are very affectionate and trust their loved ones. Interestingly being very emotional in nature, when stung by emotions they tend to become escapist and then overcome their own emotions by the knack of their deep thoughts and introspection. Although they are very Romantic and loving in nature but they have great appreciation of reasoning and logic. Do not be surprised if they go into shell sometimes as they need time for themselves. The sad part is that sometimes their over-emotional nature takes them out of the reality. The positive touch of it is that they have a soft corner for spiritualism.

They will not give-up easily although they appear to be shattered in time of defeat. They know how to handle the setbacks and come out of it with a strategy and will leave you surprised.

For those who believe in gemstones, Amethyst is the lucky stone.

For those who believe in numerology, although it depends upon the birth date, in general the numbers which will prove lucky for you are 3 and 7

What is so special about Aquarians ?

Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Galileo, Francis Bacon, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jordan, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, Bob Marley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Subhash Chandra Bose are some of the famous Aquarians among many others like me.

As per sun signs Aquarians are born within January 20 and February 18. By nature they are very thoughtful, logical, intelligent, music lovers, have selected friends and areaquarian smart in hiding their emotions. Give freedom and liberty to an aquarian and see the amazing results. They will go into shell if not given freedom. They can bring revolution and not only like change but also adapt to it well. If an Aquarian is giving an advise never miss it – they are very good mentors and teachers. Due to their logical mindset, they know how to explain tough things in an easy manner. They are always open to gain more and more knowledge and grasp things very fast. They are great dreamers.

On the flip side, in matters of romance Aquarians, especially men are generally unromantic. He may not present flowers and gifts more often and may not show affection publicly, but he will always stand by you in tough times.

Now let me go a step further for those who have serious interest in astrology. If you use “Horary” astrology, check if the ascendant sub-lord is in star of  planet in Aquarius to get the forecast of the question asked by the querist. As per this rule the personality of the person is quiet, patient and faithful.

Amethyst, Garnet are the birthstones for those who have faith in the gem stones.

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