Chakra healing is another practice which comes from Vedic Hinduism. “Chakra” means circle or wheel and both Hinduism and Buddhism have strong belief in  “Chakras” linked to centers in spinal cord but not physically, rather a part of subtle human body (or mind). As per the sacred texts, there is an esoteric energy flowing in the chakras. There is also a specific kind of yoga, “Kriya Yoga”, which helps in to activate chakras in body and balance the energy flowing in these chakras. As per Hindu and Buddhist mythologies, there are seven important Chakras in us. The chakras are:

  1. Muladhara – This is the root chakra lying at the bottom of the spine. It is suppose to contain the dormant “Kundalini energy” which is resting in three and half times wraps. It is represented with red color. Normally this is the first stage for any person starting spiritual awakening or meditation
  2. Svadhisthana – This chakra is located in the root of sexual organs. Orange is the sacred color of this chakra
  3. Nabhi-Manipura – This chakra is located behind the navel region of the spinal cord of subtle body.This is considered to be the intermediate stage of awakening and is depicted by color yellow
  4. Anahata – This chakra is next to heart in the subtle body. It is belived to be the center of psychic energy and represents green color
  5. Vishuddhi – This chakra is located behind the throat in the subtle body. It represents blue color
  6. Ajna – This chakra is also known as ‘third eye’ and is located in center of eyebrows. It symbolizes color violet or indigo.
  7. Sahasrara – This is the “Crown ” center and is the topmost chakra in human body. It is considered to be highest spiritual center and the ‘kundalini energy’ when rises till this chakra is said to be a rare attainment when the person achieves the ‘total bliss’ or awakening.

Often the lack of energy required in each circle leads to imbalance in human mind and body. To handle this there are various techniques recommended by different psychics and gurus.

We shall discuss about these details in forthcoming sections and blogs.


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