My experiences with fate or series of co-incidences ?

For months I prepared to get admission into the top business schools. I prepared for it through various sources  – books, magazines and then speaking out loud in the evening after dinner to prepare for speeches and discussions. I was determined to get through the entrance exam and group discussion(interview), the pre-requisites to get into a business school.

My mother, who regularly used to visits a distinguished astrologer(not by profession, a hobbyist, as he was Engineer by profession) asked him about my fate. He mentioned to her that I may not get fateeducation from top schools but will land up in good job and will travel abroad.  I never believed in astrology and always mentioned “I can make it happen”. My parents like the attitude and fully supported me. I appeared for the entrance and was very confident of the results.

I was waiting for the next round – group discussion and interview of short listed candidates. Days passed and I kept on waiting for the letter. I noticed a strange thing though that over a period of time I used to prayer during these days. I used to pray to get the group discussion and interview call for the admission. Sometimes I think if I was so confident, then why was I praying for it to ‘God’ ? Was there something missing in my trust or confidence in myself or maybe it is a higher trust in the ‘Supreme being’. But then does’t that weaken our own confidence ? I don’t know it is a tough question and I always get confused with such questions.

Finally the day came when I got the letter. It was from the Business school and I felt on top of the world. But when I opened it, the group discussion and the interview date had past. I got the letter but ‘late’. Basically it was of no use to me. I called up the business school but it was a negative response. My confusions increased further – was that astrologer true in his prediction ? I got the group discussion and interview letter so were my prayers fulfilled ? But eventually I could not join the Business school. I ended up Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (equivalent to MBA) but not from any premier business school. My interest in astrology increased and faith in prayers strengthened.

Every incident in our life irrespective of the fact it is for your good or bad leaves some lesson. However it is our observation which can make it happen. If we immediately react and get sad, it is just flow of emotions without a learning – mind you that is an important difference between us and animals. Enjoy being human !

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