Sickness of body is often determined through symptoms like pain or something which is visible to us. The root cause is often sometimes we miss to determine. We rush to the doctors and take symptomatic medicines  – result, side effects and more medicines. We do not realize that we are a package of  – Mind, Body and Matter.

Affliction of mind leads to disease and hurting the body. We live a busy life among family, friends, relatives and different people have different way of thinking. We always have expectations from them and feel sad why they don’t think like us. Probably we want the world to be like us. Discussing about behaviors of others and why they are like that and comparing ourselves with those who have more than us we tend to get into depression. We create a web of depression around us and get lost in our own trap.

Healing our souls, our mind from this infliction comes from various spiritual  ways. I would personally say there is no better way than meditation. While there are other ways as well used by people which have been famous from generations and coming from different cultures. So different ways of healing we shall discuss here are:

  1. Meditation
  2. Chakra healing
  3. Color Therapy
  4. Aroma Therapy

In some of the articles I shall talk about these and also mention in forthcoming blogs. Please feel free to share your ideas.

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