How to conquer fear ?

What is fear?

Many of us lack confidence in under certain circumstances or let us say, have an inbuilt fear. Some of us have fear of heights, being alone, crowded places, death, failure, loosing a loved one, getting publicly noticed for something which is your personal, not looking good or loosing health, and many other fears.

Fear is a state of mind, a thought which sits in back of our mind and continuously reminds us at every point of action about the fear.fear

Can I overcome fear ?

Now the question is can fear be overcome ? Many people feel you cannot while some go to psychiatrist or hypnotist for treatment. Some stay with the fear for the rest of life and continue making their life more miserable. It is important to note that if you do not take initiative to conquer or overcome one fear you will end up adding more to it. e.g. imagine you fear from water and going in water. You will always tell your friends going for swimming or boating that you are busy in some other work. Sometimes, you may loose friends or create distances. You start adding more excuses and being misunderstood. Then you feel even worse that your friends do not understand you. So it builds up and piles up into a ‘fear mountain’

How to handle it ?

So considering all of the above situations and scenarios, how should I handle it ? You cannot get wet without jumping into water. Look at the birds, the animals how they learn to fly and catch their prey. They have a first day when they are set free on their own. Have you seen any healthy bird which does not fly because it has a fear of flying ? Have you seen any animals not catching a prey because it is afraid of it ? Confidence needs to be developed.

My experiments and easy steps I use.

Let me share my experience with you. I believe writing it down in large font boldly on a piece of paper or a board where you sit in your office or your study room or place where you mostly sit is important. Infact in some cases I wrote my fears in my native language so that hardly anyone can understand and it was written in such a way as I am telling myself not to be fearful of it. Some people use things ¬†or colors to fight against the fear. Use a necklace or a chain of the religion you believe in(e.g. cross or any amulet) and have a strong faith it will help you overcome the fear and then see the results. If you have 1% thought that it won’t help and you believe in scientific materialist world, etc. it won’t happen – faith is important here.

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