Pisceans – the emotional dreamers

Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Justin Bieber, George Washington, Bruce Willis, Amir Khan, Oscar Issac, Shahid Kapoor, Cindy Crawford, Michelangelo, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Gorbachev, Saina Nehwal, Alexander Graham Bell, Rihanna, Elizabeth Taylor, Jon Bon Jovi, King Henry II, Robert Mugabe, Daniel Craig are some of the famous Pisceans.

As per the Sun signs Pisceans are born between February 18 to March 20. Pisceans are creative, Intuitive and Dreamers. They know how how to understand the body language of the people and take smart steps in business, family, research, art, literature and drama. Pisceans will keep you thinking about their behavior and you will be baffled.   Besides, they are very affectionate and trust their loved ones. Interestingly being very emotional in nature, when stung by emotions they tend to become escapist and then overcome their own emotions by the knack of their deep thoughts and introspection. Although they are very Romantic and loving in nature but they have great appreciation of reasoning and logic. Do not be surprised if they go into shell sometimes as they need time for themselves. The sad part is that sometimes their over-emotional nature takes them out of the reality. The positive touch of it is that they have a soft corner for spiritualism.

They will not give-up easily although they appear to be shattered in time of defeat. They know how to handle the setbacks and come out of it with a strategy and will leave you surprised.

For those who believe in gemstones, Amethyst is the lucky stone.

For those who believe in numerology, although it depends upon the birth date, in general the numbers which will prove lucky for you are 3 and 7

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