How to be Spiritual in modern world ?

The fast-pace life

With the change in lifestyle and our lives running with cutting edge pace, the daily chores have changed and become very succinct. This is due to fast paced and short span of time for every activity. Right from the morning, I have seen people carrying breakfast and eating in the transit or during the daily commute. Many of them carry the breakfast from fast-food joints like Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Starbucks or McDonald. Everything fast pacehas become fast paced and comes with quick options. The only thing which has increased over time is commuting time and stress. As a result, number of people seeking solutions to their problems at home or profession, have increased. When I migrated from India I never thought I would be able to practice astrology in North America. Interestingly I have more clients here in North America than I had in India. The

best thing is that the type of problems have not changed much, though the change is more in custom and culture. People come and ask about their business, work, promotion, kids, education, marriage and relationships and the same was there 15 years ago. The difference is that the patience levels have decreased. Earlier you could ask a person to go to a temple or pray for 21 weeks but today people look for fast pace solutions like something which can finish in 21 hours! Not even that, people have asked me to pray on their behalf as they don’t have time. Many of them look for a mobile app or YouTube video which has recitals of hymns (or mantras). They can then listen to them during commute and save time. Everyone is in a rush to save time, yet everyone is busy in ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, ‘Instagram’ and social media world. What I like about these fast pace busy friends is that they come with a problem and have some options for solutions which they already searched from ‘Google’. Some of them say I have this problem and I read that I should keep bamboo plant or rubber plant or money plant at home and maybe an idol at entrance like Buddha or Ganesha or any other deity. Some of them even knew that feeding monkeys, fish or crows bring wealth in the family.

We tend to customize solutions and arguments as per our convenience. Literature and culture comes to us today through TV serials, Epic movies or YouTube and Netflix documentaries.

Making Future

Before you start thinking that I come from an old school of thought, let me tell you that I believe there is nothing wrong in getting the knowledge from different modern channels. I have personally seen many YouTube videos and documentaries especially from BBC and I love they explain about the knowledge from our ancestors. We cannot expect that the same paper and pen or scriptures on the wall can be used for today’s generation. Evolution does not happen just within the living bodies but also culture and thoughts. We need to adapt and use all the sources of knowledge. Infact what our forefathers used to take years to readmentorkids and understand can be understood within hours from the internet using excellent sources of information available around the world. The problem only comes when we find out shortcuts and cut down on effort and perseverance. This results in dangerously cut on patience levels and moving away from nature. Nature has not changed its pace (we may be trying to change it due to global warming), the patterns of nature are very similar and often predictable from ages.

Take some time be with your kids and talk to them about the rich culture you have come from. Find ideas to teach them patience – they will not need any astrologer or plants or statues to strengthen their relationships and earn money. Use the time saved to share with them the values so that they need less of lawyers, doctors and astrologers. Draw them to spirituality and watch such videos and documentaries with them and bring a sense of appreciation. Make them acquainted with biographies of great personalities(or movies on them). 

Invest in time with them than just the Real Estate and Fixed Deposits or RRSPs or Educational funds.

 – Gagandeep Singh

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