The Power of Making it Happen yourself !

Let me tell you about a very common experience which happens to me. Whenever I go to a Shopping Mall with my wife and she has to buy a dress, she looks for many of them, tries a lot of them and finally picks a few of them to check with me which is the best. No matter whatever I suggest she generally has a preference and stresses that looks better. I used to get confused, if she prefers some other dress then she can simply pick that without checking from me. But no, that is not the case. She wanted assurance of what is in her mind !!

This is exactly what happens to many of us. We have strong thoughts in our mind and we want people around us to reassure us, confirm it and tell us that we are right.focus

One thing which many of us do not realize and do not know is that our thoughts carry alot of energy. It is like energy of sun – use a lens and point the sun rays on a paper and see the magic. I am sure many of you have done that during school time. Sunlight and heat energy gets more focused and the paper burns. It is like some people use meditation techniques of staring at a dot or focussing on an idol or the center of two eyes. Its all about where we focus our thoughts.

Constantly think of negative thoughts and don’t be surprised if they happen. Thinking of positive thoughts can turn the tables around in your favor. It is difficult to control your thoughts, it is human psychology. We tend to think as per your circumstances¬† – afterall we are emotional human beings. It is very interesting to note that meditation helps us to control our thoughts. However positive or negative thoughts with focus can lead to great results.

Suggestion on how to have control of results

Try to focus on positive thoughts and without any negativity think it will happen and watch the results. This may not sound scientific and many of you from IT, Finance world will argue that how cannot you think of risks and evaluation and all those logics. Yes you can ! I am talking here of something which is above the practical and logical world. So if you have faith and feel you have the power of bringing the results, give it a try. All the best !

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