What is a lucky name ?

What Name will work for you?

Name is an important part of ones life or business. In many cultures, people have formal religious ceremony to select the first alphabet of the name and some want the names of thelucky nameir kids to be very meaningful. Not only about kids people also consult religious seers and astrologers about naming business rather than going for any name. Infact in today’s world it is very difficult to have a name of your choice which is also religiously or astrologically lucky and also you get the domain names available.

Changing the spellings of your name is another aspect and as discussed earlier, it a matter of faith in the fact that the new name will bring prosperity and goodluck.

With numerology, every letter of your  digit is given a number which we add to check its relevance. The numbers are also linked to planets and the astrologers and numerologist link to provide you the consultation.

If you have interest in getting any such consultation please feel free to approach me. You can also use the Contact Us.

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